Tower of Atmosphere

The Industrial Expo of London in the 18th century has led people to the first experience of shopping in a giant mall. However, with the next several industrial revolutions, carbon dioxide on this planet has increased dramatically. In order to reduce emissions of in the past hundred years, on the one hand, people use a more environmentally friendly way such as 3d printing in manufacturing industries which contribute to the decline of e traditional shopping malls; on the other hand, the efficiency of machines to capture carbon dioxide has been improved a lot.

Nicholas de Monchaux
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The Challenge

This project is intended to capture atmosphere to create a new atmosphere: in this complex, people don't really shop, but experience the atmosphere of shopping in such spaces generated by carbon dioxide. The project is about how to utilize geothermal energy in California to supply the energy for the Climework that depends on electric fans to pull air into the ducts and over a special material, known as a sorbent, laced with granules that chemicaly bind with CO2; periodic blasts of heat then release the captured gas from the sorbent, with customized software managing the whole catch-and-release cycle. In the geothermal energy, the underground water is right the carrier to drive the turbines to generate the power for the further use including support for the Climeworks system. Coso hot springs are is a perfect location that is not heavily populated .The s hybrid program made of air, water, and steam could be the archive of different brands. The CO2 sequestering technology existing side-by-side with other technologies could take advantage of surplus heat/water/steam/power — everything from server farms (practical) to a spa.

The Design Process.

The daughter complained to him witha trace of adolescent rebellion. “What can be seen in this desert? He drove hisantique Porsche with a smile, the electric conversation barely aduibleunderneath the recorded sounds of an air-cooled, flat-six boxer. Gasolineengines had been against regulation for more than twenty years. "Well,this is the last time!" Soon, a tower crept above the horizon. The surfaceof the tower glistened with pipes, and was shrouded by clouds of steam. Thedaughter asked:” What is it?” He proudly said: “This is the project I wasinvolved in decades ago. The machines look old-fashioned, but in fact, theyreally work.” As the car automatically pulled into the parking space, they cameto the lobby. “I don’t know why a building has anything to do with shopping…Andthis place looks like a factory!” He just smiles and held the door of elevator.


The daughter was surprised by the button in front of her:there are only logos of various brands instead of numbers on the button. “Thiselevator room, when I entered, began scanning my past shopping history,” hecontinued. “In a matter of seconds, this building can simulate tens ofthousands of scenes when I used to shop,” He pressed Dior's button and went onto say, "The water vapor generated by the machines can even produce theweather I bought on a certain day." Soon they arrived at the 73rd floorand went into a classic 2018 model of the Dior flagship store. Even all thesurrounding streets have been simulated. "Do you know today of 40 yearsago, I was engaged to your mother." His speech rate began to slow down."Your mother personally chose Dior's suit for me. I was so fat that I hadto try a few sets to find the right size.” She seemed to understand herfather's mood and patted him on the shoulder: "So, today I will choose asuit for you in place of my mother." It began to float fine rain outside.She looked at her father slowly putting on his suit that is similar to the oneof 40 years ago, like the young man with his wife at that time.




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